WADF Academy


A meeting point for Dance Teachers, Instructors, Choreographers, Competitors and people interested in developing their skills in the Art of Dance

Under the heading of the WADF Academy we will display the WADF Examination system for WADF Dance instructors and Approved WADF Master Dance Instructors, Seminars, Congresses, Training camps and Workshops that are dealing with WADF disciplines and that are recognised by the WADF.

The Academy will also deal with the Education of WADF Adjudicators and invitations to up coming Adjudicator Seminars will be displayed. We will regularly publish Guidelines for Teachers and Trainers how to develop their teaching technique in the WADF disciplines.

We hope that you will enjoy to take part in the  the WADF Academy activities. Come back soon for more information, and check out our Facebook page here!

WADF Academy Education Programme


If you want to read more about WADF’s Academy Education Programme, you can do that here:


ABC…the easy way to joyful dancing    |    WADF Academy Education Programme

WADF Academy Approved Master Dance Instructor

If you need a WADF Approved Dance Instructor to teach at a congress, workshop, seminar or dance camp, please look in the WADF Teachers register below. You will find what you need under each department respectively.


Couple Dance Department    |    Street & Pop Dance Department    |    Artistic Acrobatic Dance Department    |    Stage Dance Department
 Art & Culture Department     |    10-dance Department

WADF’s Recognised Workshops and Congresses

If you want to read more about WADF’s Recognised Workshops and Congresses, you can do that here:


Recognised Workshops & Congresses

WADF Academy Exchange Programme

The WADF Exchange Programme is being created for WADF Members, (Dance Clubs, Schools, their Teachers and Choreographers, their pupils and talented competitors), with the aim of developing the exchange of talented Trainers/ Teachers Coaches and dancers around the world within the WADF Membership. If you want to read more about the Exchange Programme, please click on the links below.


Teachers/Coaches   |   Dancers/Pupils