ABC...the easy way to joyful dancing

ABC… the easy way to joyful dancing!

Keep your mind and body happy and healthy!

The ABC-system is a well tried out system teaching people to dance in an easy and natural way.
It’s been developed over more than 50 years and is easy to learn and can be practiced for Solo dancing or for dancing as a couple. It works for all agegroups and is wonderful especially for elderly people.

The system works for all dances. You learn figure A and can repeat that figure as long as you want.
You learn figure B and can alterate between the two figures in any order.

You learn figure C and can alterate between the three figures in any order. You can dance the Man’s step Solo or the Ladies step Solo or together with a partner. All fi gures take very little space and are especially design to work in a living room, in an hallway or of course at a larger floor together with other dancers dancing Solo or together with a partner.

Because of its stationary format there are no alignments given. All figures can start in any direction. It’s great fun for pleasing the mind and is keeping the body in good shape!

In order to understand how to learn the figures you must know the meaning of the abrevations and here is the key.

S Slow  Q Quick
R Right   L Left
RF  Right foot LF Left foot
Fwd Forward Bwd  Backward
Diag Diagonal

To explaine how to think in regards to the amount of turn you could think of a clock and where ever you start, you are always facing 12 o’clock. If you turn to face 1.30 you have turned 1/8 of a turn to Right and if you continue turn to face 3 o’clock you have turned 1/4 of a turn to Right.

If you start facing 12 o’clock again and turn to 10.30 you have turned 1/8 to Left and if you continue to face 9 o’clock you have turned 1/4 of a turn to Left.

The ABC – system includes the following dances:

Rythm Foxtrot (Medium or quick tempo)
Slow Waltz (Slow tempo)
Slow Foxtrot (Slow tempo)
Wedding Waltz (Medium or quick tempo)
Swing dance
Swedish Bugg

Download the figures here


ABC… the easy way to joyful dancing!

Level II

After having mastered the first 3 figures in each dance, it is time to add two more figures to make it 5 figures in each dance!


Download the figures here