Approved WADF Academy Master Dance Instructors

– Couple Dance Department –

Guido de Smet




–  WADF Academy Master Dance Instructor Couple Dance Department

– Master degree in Sports and Physical Education at University of Leuven (KUL)

– Post-Graduate in Training and Coaching with Specialty in DancFellow and examiner (BULDO) in Ballroom, Latin-American and Argentine tango

– Trainer-coach and choreographer of 17 times Belgian Standard Formation Champions

– Trainer-coach and choreographer of Triple undefeated World Argentine Tango champions Peter Rombouts – Marga Wouters

– Lecturer at different congresses in Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Austria, Chech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Greece

– WDC Senior Examiner, Examiner BULDO

– WDC, WDC AL, IDO, WADF adjudicator

– Current President of the Belgian Professional Dance Teachers Organisation (BULDO) and the Amateur Competition Divisions FDSF and Bel-aL (Belgian Amateur League)



Argentine tango and Artistic and International Ballroom dancing.




Sergey Ivanov (Sergio Danza)



  • WADF Academy Master Dance Instructor Couple Dance Department

Language                               Russian/English

Discipline                              Disco Fox/Disco Swing/Hustle;Caribbean dances;Latin

Started dancing                   Latin & Ballroom in 1993

Education                               Graduated from the Moscow Academy of Education                                                                                          (qualification: pedagogy-choreography)

Teacher and choreographer    Since 1997   Russia – Switzerland – Latvia – Belgium – Austria – Poland – England – Romania

Scientific activity

  • Lecture “Methods of Teaching Latin and Ballroom dances” /Department of Pedagogy-Choreography since 2006-2008/
  • Issued a text-method “Basic principles of Discofox/Hustle dancing”, 2010

International adjudicator – International Dance Organization 2010 – World Artistic Dance Federation 2013

Achievements with pupils: World and European Champions, World Cups winners, winners of the Open Championships in Germany, Switzerland, Italy etc. /

Dancing Styles: Discofox, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Latino Show, Argentine Tango, Latin/

Directions of activity       

  • Competitive dancing
  • Social dances
  • Preparation and organization of show programs
  • Educational activities(Russian/English: educational program /video tutorials /text-methods
  • Contact
    +7 (926) 350 – 28 – 27

Salsa Levi Hungary / USA 

Broadway Dance Center Budapest


  • WADF Academy Master Dance Instructor Couple Dance Department

Language:          English, German, Hungarian

Disciplines:         Caribbean and Latin dances, Street & jazz, Hip-hop, Waacking, Vogue, Contemporary, Human motion analysis

Education / Training / Profession:

  • Started dancing social dances / latin / ballett / tap dance in Germany / Heidelberg
  • Graduated as Teacher and Engineer at Technical University of Budapest and Technical College
  • Taking part of a computer aided human motion analysis project in Germany as software developer / researcher (Creadance)
  • Started competing couple dances in Germany, London, USA and Hungary
  • Learning from leading edge teachers, like Bob Powers and Julia Gorchakova (Scottsdale / Arizona)
  • Three times salsa / mambo world champion (IDO, WSF / USA) and 8 times national champion
  • Puerto Rico World Salsa Open finalist
  • Invited coach and performer of more than 100 Salsa Congresses and Festivals (incl. U.S.)
  • Translating the book „Salsa …Havana Heat – Bronx Beat” about the origin of salsa to hungarian language
  • Collection and elaboration of modern couple dance movements (incl. Caribbean dances) for the ADTV and later for an Hungarian Dance Academy Project
  • Teacher and consultant of Hungarian Dance Academy
  • Co-founder of the Fuego Dance Company Theatre / Competition Dept.
  • Became a member of the Broadway Dance Center in New York
  • Founding the Broadway Dance Center ® Budapest Dance Studio in Hungary
  • Choreographing and coaching many European and World Champion productions (in collaboration with his partner Dora Laki)
  • Becoming multiple „best of” Awards as dancer and coach from Hungarian Dance Associations for the more than 300 gold, silver and bronze results of their students (Fuego Dancers)
  • Becoming „Master of Dance” award from National Dance Allianz (MDSSZ)
  • Organizing yearly dance camps to the New York Broadway for European dancers and choreographers
  • International Adjudicator (WSF, IDO, WADF)
  • Still actively dancing for fun.

Favorite Dances / Specialities:

Salsa, bachata, show dance, street jazz, contemporary, theater arts …and motion analysis


Tatiana Larina /
Piramida Dance Club Moscow


  • WADF Academy Master Dance Instructor Couple Dance Department


-Carribbean and Latin dance program professional teacher

-30 years of experience in choreography and work as coach

-Сoach-choreography of PIRAMIDA dance studio

-European and world champion IDO since 2009 in salsa, merengue and bachata

-European champion WADF since 2013 in Carribbean dance


-The honor title “Master of Dance” by the Russian Dance Union

-International Judge WADF


Caribbean : Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Latin American dance program,


Alexander Sokolov /
Latino-Club Moscow


  • WADF Academy Master Dance Instructor Couple Dance Department


-Started his professional dance career in 1988 with Latin-American competitive dancing

-2001-2005 international teaching experience- was invited to teach in Korea in J&J Dance Studio

-Since 2000 till present time has been actively developing Caribbean style dancing

– Dance teacher and choreographer of “Latino-club” dance studio (Moscow, Russia) in Caribbean style-Salsa, Bachata, Merengue

-IDO competitor 2005-2011, winner and finalist of many international competitions and championships

-2005-2011 trained winners and finalists of IDO competitions and championships

-WADF International Licensed Adjudicator

-Students have been regular winners of all WADF Championships in Caribbean Style

-2013 achieved the status of Honorary Teacher of Dance recognized by RDU (Russian Dance Union)

-Received Acknowledgement of the State Duma Culture Committee for the development of dance division

Language : Russian/English

Specialization Caribbean Style, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue

Mobile: +7 925 507 28 84


Marina Aleshina /


  • WADF Academy Master Dance Instructor Couple Dance Department


Competitive dancing career
– Started dancing at the age of 6
– 2005-2006 Represented Latvia, 2006 Latvian ten dance amateur vice-champion
– 2006-2008 back in Russia, turned professional and concentrated on ballroom only. Two times Russian Professional Ballroom Showdance vice-champion and Russian officially nominated couple at World and European Professional Showdance Championships. 2008 Russian Professional Ballroom Championship finalist

-2008-2010 turned back amateur for the right partner and successfully represented Russia at WDC Amateur League championships worldwide. WDC AL two times Russian ballroom champion, WDC AL European Champion and World Championship Runner-up, Blackpool Rising Stars Semifinalist

– 2011 Stopped competitive career and got involved in learning flamenco dance

Has been regularly working with top Russian and foreign specialists throughout career, including Artur Lobov, Stephen Hannah, Andrew Sinkinson, Caterina Arzenton to name the main ones

Teaching experience
-Started to teach at the age of 15 and since then has been regularly teaching in many dance studios in Moscow
-2005-2006 Riga,Latvia – Rihtera Deju Škola
-2010 – was invited with ballroom master-classes to Sweden
-Since 2012 till present time has been coaching regularly in Transnistria as an invited ballroom specialist
-2013-2015 was regularly invited to teach in Beijing, China as an invited ballroom specialist

-WDC International Adjudicator
-WADF International Adjudicator

– Competitive ballroom dancing
– Social dancing
– Flamenco for ballroom dancers

Language: Russian/English



Olga Zotikova/


  • WADF Academy Master Dance Instructor Couple Dance Department


Language: Russian/English

+79063898881, +79196540803

Natalia Korepanova / Oleg Somov


    • 1980-1983 started dance career at the age of 4 and danced ballet choreography like a soloist in a dance group in Moscow Youth Center of Creative Works
    • 1983-1986 was a soloist of a folk dancing ensemble “Junost” and won 3rd degree diploma in a competition among dance ensembles of Moscow
    • 1986-2002 was a competitive dancing career in Ballroom and Latin couple dances, having been taught with leading Russian and International dance coaches.
    • 1995 was a Vice-champion of Moscow in Ballroom Ten Dance Championships
    • 1996 graduated from the Moscow University for the Humanities / 1998 All-Russia Academy of Foreign trade, Business English
    • 1997-1998 was a performer in a dance Duet “OT”, took part in big concerts with popular artists and singers on the main scenes of Russia in Kremlin, Moscow Government, President Hotel and Concert hall “Russia”
    • 2013 awarded the honorary title “Dance Teacher” by RDU (Russian Dance Union)
    • 2013 certified as a National ADD Championship Adjudicator
    • 2013 certified as a Dominican Bachata Teacher (instructor Inaki Fernandez)
    • 2014 certified as an International WADF Championship Adjudicator
    • 2013 till now is a regular judge of the Russian WADF Championships
    • 2015-2016 was a member of the international adjudicators` panel of WADF European Championships Artistic Dance
    • 2016-2017 qualified by all skill levels of WADF Academy Couple Dance Department from “Student Dance Instructor”, “Certified Dance Instructor” to “Master Dance Instructor”

      Contact Info:

      Phone: +7 (985) 114-27-53

      Russian, English

      Latin (Samba, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive) and Caribbean (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue) dances

      Solo, Duos, Teams / Synchro, Show

      WADF Academy Master Dance Instructors Couple Dance Department

      WADF International Adjudicators

      The honor title “Dance Teacher” by RDU (Russian Dance Union)

      Nataliya Korepanova is a dance instructor, choreographer, and performer with over 30 years of dancing experience. Her background includes ballroom, ballet, jazz, contemporary and folk. It is also Latin and Caribbean dances, which she specializes in.

      She has competed professionally in ballroom dancing in 1986-2002, with many titles under her belt. In 1997 she joined the dance duet “OT” performing at numerous events, including concerts with popular artists and singers in Kremlin, Moscow Government, President Hotel and Concert hall “Russia”. She first discovered salsa when looking for a social outlet for her dancing after finishing competitive career in 2002.

      In 2009 she and Oleg Somov founded the award-winning “Dance Studio Karamel”. With a background in ballroom, salsa, folk and contemporary, Nataliya has created a unique dance style that has earned to her students numerous titles. Nataliya`s approach is clear and analytical with a strong focus on fundamentals of movement to help her students dance at their highest level.


    • 2009 till now is co-founder with Oleg Somov of the Dance Studio “Karamel”
      (for today engaged in more than 50 dancers)

    Students` achievements:

    May 13-14, 2017
    Russian Cup Artistic Dance
    1 place / Samba / Bachata, Juveniles, Solo Female
    2 place / Merengue / Salsa / Cha-cha, Juveniles, Solo Female
    1 place / Cha-cha / Bachata / Samba / Jive, Juveniles, Duos
    1 place / Show Latin, Juveniles, Showcases
    1 place / Show All Styles, Mini kids, Large Teams
    2 place / Show Caribbean, Juveniles, Small+Large Teams

    March 17-19, 2017
    European Championships Artistic Dance
    1 place / Samba, Juveniles, Solo Female
    1 place / Samba / Cha-cha, Juveniles, Duos
    2 place / Bachata, Juveniles, Solo Female
    3 place / Merengue, Juveniles, Duos

    March 19-20, 2016
    European Championships Artistic Dance
    2 place World Championship / Salsa, Juveniles, Solo Female
    1 place / Cha-cha / Samba, Juveniles, Duos
    1 place /Show Latin, Mini kids, Small Teams
    2 place / Show Latin, Juveniles, Small Teams

    March 14-15, 2015
    European Championships Artistic Dance
    1 place / Show Latin, Juveniles, Small Teams
    1 place / Cha-cha / Waltz, Juveniles, Solo Female
    2 place / Cha-cha / Merengue, Juveniles, Duos

    February 7, 2015
    Moscow Championships Artistic Dance
    1 place / Show Caribbean, Mini kids, Large Teams
    2 place / Samba / Cha-cha, Juveniles, Solo Female
    2 place / Merengue, Juveniles, Duos
    2 place / Show Latin, Juveniles, Small+Large Teams

    March 15-16, 2014
    European Championships Artistic Dance
    1 place / Show Latin, Juveniles, Small Teams
    1 place / Synchro Ballroom, Mini kids, Small+Large Teams
    2 place / Show Latin, Mixed age, Showcases