WADF Exchange Programme

– Teachers/Coaches –


The development of knowledge and skills within the WADF Dance disciplines.

The WADF will start an Exchange Programme for Teachers/Coaches, (to be known as WADF Dance Instructors), who would like to study and improve their skills in a particular dance discipline.

Interested Instructors can inform us of their interests by sending in the special form, they will then be added to the list of Instructors for the Exchange Programme in the website. Schools, Clubs and other Member Institutions who are prepared to offer coaching and tuition, in a special subject, can also inform us of their interest to participate in the programme by sending in the special form for establishments offering coaching. They too will be added to the list of Exchange programme establishments in the website.

Guidelines for the 
Guest Teachers/Coaches– Host Schools/Clubs


All WADF Dance Instructors who would like to participate in the Exchange Programme have to be a member of the WADF and likewise the host School must be a member of the WADF.


It is recommended to send a short CV in the message slot when filling out the application form, indicating in which disciplines the guest teacher/instructor is working and would like to study. It is recommended that the host School or Club, that is accepting guest teachers/instructors, indicates in the message slot when filling out the application form, in which disciplines the School or Club is working and in particular if they have special knowledge in special disciplines. The guest teacher/instructor is obliged to have an international health insurance together will all the necessary documents, (passport, valid health certificate).


After a contact has been established, between a guest teacher/instructor and a host School/Club, it is very important to clarify the details in regards to:

a.) Travel arrangements, who will pay the travel expenses.

b.) Lodging details, where the guest teacher/instructor will stay and who will pay for the lodging.

c.) The period the guest teacher/instructor will stay in the School/Club and the dates of the period.

d.) If the guest teacher/instructor is required to give classes or workshops at the host School/Club, it is important to clarify the question of any fee beforehand.

e.) If possible it would be nice if the host school in return sends teachers/instructors to the School or Club of the guest teacher/instructors so that in this way friendships develop between the Schools and Clubs.

Schools offering coaching

From: Milena Nalbantova/ RONA Dance Club
Subject: RONA in Exchange programme

Our RONA Dance Club is interested in participating in the Exchange programme in taking instructors-teachers within the Exchange programme.

We are situated in Bulgaria and our Club specializes in the Stage Department. You are welcome to take contact.

Website : www.baletrona.com
E-mail : balet_rona@abv.bg
Contact person Milena Nalbantova
Address : Haskovo, Zarya-1858 Communitty Centre, 11 Svoboda Sq.
City : BG-6300, Haskovo
Country : Bulgaria



Instructors available for training

Sylvester Sefotlhelo / Soth Africa

Looking for exchange possibilities.

I will be available and free as from June 2016 and would like to go for some exchange coaching in couple dancing ie. Latin American and Latin show dance. Any club, studio or branch that is interested in my services I am available for 1-3 months.

2006 Gabashane Street
Bloemfontein, Free State
9307, South Africa
Mobile: +27840691594

Contact: ssefotlhelo@gmail.com


Ms Gorata Mfaladi/South Africa

Looking for exchange arts programs

I am Available at requested time and would like to participate in exchange coaching/teaching/dance programmes at any Studio,clubs, or branches required. Dance categories: Latin American and Ballroom African traditional dances —

Gorata Mfaladi
Address : 137 francis Baard, Pretoria
City : 743 jeffs place
Country : South Africa

E-mail : GorataMfaladi@gmail.com

Mobile : +27 (82) 5808828


Mrs Milena Nalbantova / Bulgaria

I have graduated the Academy of music, dance, theater and fine arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, international judge and choreographer, with a long experience.

It will be my pleasure to give classes in Stage disciplines – Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Dance Theatre, Ethno, Bollywood, Show Dance, Belly Dance – Classical, Folk and Show.

In case you need my skills and experience, I will be Honored to be a part of the exchange programme as a teacher and choreographer!

Milena Nalbantova Club RONA
Name : Milena Nalbantova
Address : Haskovo, Zarya-1858 Communitty Centre, 11 Svoboda Sq.
City : BG-6300, Haskovo
Country : Bulgaria
Website : www.baletrona.com
E-mail : balet_rona@abv.bg




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