WADF Adjudication Seminar

WADF Adjudication seminar

I had the pleasure to give an Adjudication seminar with an examination session the 5th October in the beautiful city Novi Sad in Serbia. It was a couple of very pleasant days together with dedicated dance teachers.

I enjoyed great hospitality and I would like to thank the organiser Gordana Orescanin and her team members Katarina Obradovic and Radoslava Vjestica for their kind hospitality. A special thanks goes to the President of the Serbian Dance Organization, DO-Serbia, Mrs Natasa Vojvodic Jelaca and the Executive secretary Jovana Putnik, who acted as an interpreter at the seminar.

The seminar went on for just over 5 hours and during that time we covered all the Rules and regulations in the Stage and Urban Street Dance division. Of course also the ethics to be an WADF International Adjudicator and everything in regards to duties and rights an WADF adjudicators will come across while officiating as an International Championship Adjudicator.

Everybody were most interested and finally there were 18 new Serbian Adjudicators that took the exam successfully. It will be a pleasure to meet them again at different WADF events around the World. All 18 are now listed in the Serbian department in the WADF Website under Members worldwide.

Thanks again it was a pleasure!