Artistic Dance Awards Moscow

Artistic Dance Awards.

WADF member in Russia RDU celebrates one year of Artistic Dancing in Moscow by organizing the Artistic Dance Awards 2013.

The 19-20th October I had the honor to Supervise the 2013 Artistic Dance Awards in Moscow. It was a fabulous event over two days. The first day organized in a nice hall in the center of Moscow with hundreds of competitors from Mini kids beginners to advanced Adults.

It was mainly Solo dance, Duo Dance and One Dance competitions in the Caribbean style of dancing but also the Ballroom and Latin style and including small and large teams in all styles.

For the first time we used the computer pads for the adjudicators which was very successful. We did save a lot of time because the markings were submitted instantly to the scrutineer who could send back the results for the next round almost in no time at all. We did save a lot of printing papers and no running forward and back with the judges marking sheets. This was certainly not the last time we will use this kind of marking the competitors. By using two pads we could also use the two dimensional system for the Show disciplines and that work absolutely pefect without any problem at all.

The next day the competitions were organized in the beautiful Place de Paris inside the enormous Hotel Korston. The Place de Paris is a huge room decorated as an outdoor plaza with fantastic buildings in the background surrounding the room that gives the impression of being out in the open air. The competitions were all of  a very high quality and especially the ladies Solo dancing in the Caribbean style. We also saw some fantastic numbers in Synchronised Duo dancing and some really good Shows performed in the Ballroom style and especially I liked the fantastic Showcase in Choreographed Dance Show traditional Russian style mixed with Ballroom dancing.

The competitions followed then by a Grand Buffet for competitors, visitors and officials and then the Award ceremonies took over where the successful dancers in each age group and disciplines got their Awards for being ranked the highest in their class. Well over hundred dancers did get their Awards this evening. The ceremonies were mixed with playful fun competitions and demonstrations and the kids just loved it and so did we.

The judges were from Ukraine Anna Pasichnyk and Igor Mashin and from Czech Republic Marian Sulc and from Russia Sergey Ivanov and Tatiana.

The organiser behind it all was Irina Shmalko, also the Senior Vice President of the WADF. She must have been working day and night for a long period of time to get everything in place and she should be very proud of what she have done. An excellent event that will not be forgotten easily. Thank you Irina. It was a fantastic event!