Liberec Czech Republic 21st November


   WADF Annual General Assembley 2016
Liberec Czech Republic 22nd November

Members and Dancers

At this moment we have 357 member institutions in the WADF Member Register.  A clear majority are active members, most of them being Single Members, Dance Schools or Dance Clubs.  We have 20 active Branch Members, some Supportive BM’s and SM’s.  In the dancers register we have 12.653 registered dancers.  Our members are situated in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Asia, South and North America, with possibilities of expanding into Australia and New Zealand next year.

WADF Managing Committee

Nils‐Håkan Carlzon ‐ Sweden (President)
Irina Shmalko ‐ Russian Federation  (Senior Vice President)
Stuart Saunders ‐ Scotland  (Executive Secretary)
Marian Sulc ‐ Czech Republic  (Vice President)
Gordana Orescanin ‐ Serbia  (Vice President)
Guido de Smet – Belgium  (Vice President)


During the past twelve months we have had 12 large events.
All these events were very successful with the fantastic final event, the WADF World Championships in Liberec, Czech Republic starting the 23rd of Novenber and finishing the 27th November. A six day long event running in two parallell ballrooms and where almost 3.000 dancers took part. All together more than 8.000 enrolments. One of the absolutely largest dance events in the World 2016. In the beginning of the New Year 2017 we will be in Moscow again in March for the European Championships Couple dances and in Tallinn, Estonia in April for the North European in Street and Pop dances.  In May we will go to Plock in Poland for the European Championships in the Stage dances and the Street and Pop dances and we know that many organisers will fill up the Calendar with recognised and recommended competitions and we are aiming for around 30 large events during 2017.