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The Corona Virus

Due to the problems with the Corona Virus the WADF is closely following what will happen in the near future.

The WADF is very happy to see that vaccines are available in most countries around the World.
That means that we are able to restart our activities as Governments reduce the restrictions.

We are back again, ready to start.

Next live events coming up!


European Championships
Couple Dance Department
Latin, Standard and Caribbean style

Warsaw, Poland
Centrum Edukacji i Sportu
9-10th October 2021

Mysiadlo ul. Kwiatowa 28

Organiser Agata Koziol
e-mail: a.koziol@akademiapaso.pl

WADF officially granted event run under WADF rules.
Enrolments through the WADF system
Active members can enrol dancers.
Active dancers can be enrolled.
DEADLINE TO ENROL 18th September 2021

The WADF mission

To create a real democratic honest World Dance Federation where everybody that like to become a member can be accepted as a member without having to go through the ”one member per country”.

To create an International forum for Dancers, Choaches, Dance school owners and Dance club Trainers where it is possible to discuss and develope dance competition disciplines in an modern and innovative way.

The WADF accepts that the Art of dance is much more than Dance Sport competitions.  There are two parts to be considered. In the WADF events the dancers are evaluated in both the Technical merit and in the Artistic merit. Artistic competitive dancing is first and foremost Art and Culture.

To give all dancers the chance to compete at International competitions without having to be elite dancers. To give all girls that did not found a boy to dance with a chance to be a team member in a Duo, Trio or a Small or Large team were also second and third rated dancers can fill a place.

To offer our members competitions from 7 main Departments containing 24 Dance Divisions including 56 competition Disciplines in 10 Age groups and 7 Categories ending up to more than 10.000 possible combinations.

This is our mission!

Welcome to be a part of the WADF-family now!

Become a member

Department, Divisions and Disciplines 2021

Artistic Acrobatic Dance Department 

Artistic Acrobatic Dance Show Division
Artistic Acrobatic Dance Show Competitions
Free Acrobatic Dance Show Competitions
Cheerleading Division
Pom-Pon Cheer Dance Competitions
Artistic Cheerleading Competitions
Artistic Pole Dance Division
Artistic Pole Dance Competitions

Artistic Couple Dance Department 

Artistic One Dance Division
Solo Dance Competitions
Duo Dance Competitions
Triple Dance Competitions
Artistic One Dance Competitions
Dances suitable for One Dance Competitions
Artistic Three & Five Dance Division
Artistic Three Dance Competitions
Artistic Five Dance Competitions
Artistic Student Teacher Dance Division
Artistic One Dance Competitions
Artistic Three & Five Dance Competitions
Artistic Formation Dance Division
Artistic Couple Dance Formation Competitions
Salsa Rueda de Casino Competitions
Artistic Multi Dance Division
Choreographed Dance Show Competitions
Synchronised Dance Show Competitions
Repeat Dance Show Division
Synchronised Repeat Dance Competitions

Art & Culture Department

Belly Dance Division
Belly Dance Competitions
Folk Belly Dance Competitions
Bollywood Division
Bollywood Competitions
Ethno Dance Division
Ethno Dance Show Competitions
Folk Dance & Folklore Division
Afro-Cuban Dance Show Competitions
Folk Dance Competitions
Performing Arts Division
Artistic Lip Sync Show Competitions
Performing Artists Show Competitions
Production Division
Production Competitions

International 10-dance Dance Department

Ballroom (Standard) Division
Ballroom (Standard) Competitions
Latin American Division
Latin American Competitions
Combined Division
Combined Competitions
Student Teacher Dance Division
Ballroom (Standard) Competitions
Latin American Competitions
Combined Competitions
Formation Division
Formation Show competitions

Pop Dance / Disco Department

Pop Dance/Disco Division
Pop Dance/Disco Competitions
Disco Freestyle Competitions
English Freestyle Competitions
Slow Dance Competitions
Pop Dance Fusion Show Competitions

Stage Dance Department

Ballet Division
Classical Ballet Competitions
Contemporary / Modern Ballet Competitions
Jazz Dance Competitions
Dance Show Division
Artistic Dance Show Competitions
Tap Dance Division
Tap Dance Competitions

Urban Street Dance Department

Break Dance Division
Break Dance Battles
Urban Street Dance Division
Urban Street Dance Competitions
Dance Hall Competitions
House Dance Competitions
Popping & Locking Competitions
Acrobatic Jazz Funk Competitions
Hip Hop All Style Battles
Urban Street Dance Fusion Show Competitions
Electric Boogaloo Competitions



The latest updates on the WADF–web

About WADF

Who we are

WADF is a non-profit, non-political democratic worldwide dance-organisation with a dedicated enthusiastic leader team who together have more than 100 years of experience in the Art of dance.

We learn from the past, we live in the present and we look for the future!

What we do

    • We revitalise the methods of teaching dance in all parts of the World!
    • We honour the freedom of dance by accepting unlimited number of members in every country.
    • We go beyond the old way of thinking that you must have a partner to become a competitor.
    • We involve all levels of dancers in Worldwide Artistic Dance competitions.
    • We give all girls that do not have a partner a chance to continue to dance by participating together with friends in teams or in Solo dance competitions.
    • We accept also individuals, couples, teams, schools and clubs as members and not only one Association per country.